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How would you describe your DJ style?
We consider our DJ style truly professional. Our DJs have many years of experience and are well versed in all styles of music. We have an incredible ability to read a crowd and keep them engaged. Most importantly all of our DJs have the unique ability to blend dance music live. Doing so makes a change in song virtually unrecognizable and builds an incredible energy on the dance floor (be sure to check out our DJ’s sample mixes). We will MC the entire evening handling all formal announcements. Once your dance floor is open our mic use is extremely limited. We like to let the music take its course and provide the ideal atmosphere for dancing.

How do we select music for our reception?
All of our clients receive access to our on-line planner. Here you can select all of your specialty music (i.e. First Dance, Parent Dances, Introduction Songs etc.) We also encourage our clients to give us some general guidelines and provide a short “must play” and “do not play” list. We would never want our clients to try and pick out every song for the entire night. We like to have the ability to read the crowd, accommodate guest request and make sure your dance floor is packed all night.

How do we know which DJ we will have?
When you inquire about our services you will be informed which DJ is available on your date. You are welcome to schedule a consultation with your DJ. If you decide to book our services, your contract will specify which DJ will perform at your event. You will only deal with your DJ throughout the entire planning process. He will go over all music and event details with you. There is no limit to the number of meetings, emails and phone calls you can have with your DJ.

What if something happens to my DJ?
We have 2 fully trained back-up DJs that work with us every weekend. They assist our main DJs and are always ready to go in the event of an emergency.

What type of equipment do you use?
We spare no expense when it comes to our equipment and music collection. We use only the latest and greatest gear on the market. Unlike most companies who’s DJs are hired with their own equipment, Spin provides its DJs with all equipment and music. This ensures that whether you hire our President or our newest DJ, the sound at your wedding will be unbelievable. We customize a sound system for every event, taking into account the size of the room, acoustics of the room and number of guests expected.

What if there is a problem with your equipment?
We carry back-up equipment and music collections with us at every event.

What about Dance Lighting?
Many of our clients spend a great deal of time and money on the décor and ambiance they dreamed for their wedding. We would never want to do anything to take away from your vision. Dance Lighting has a tendency to take over the room. A dimly lit room, in our opinion, is ideal for dancing and also maintains the elegance you envisioned. For those clients that would like to add dance lighting, we do offer it at no additional charge.

What is your pricing?
Our pricing is done per event and is based on your date, reception location and number of guests expected. We include up to 6 hours of music for every reception. Setup and break-down are done on our time not yours. To receive a customized quote, please fill out our contact form.

Light Design FAQ's

Can we book your lighting services without your DJ services?
Absolutely. Our Lighting end of the business is scheduled and staffed completely separate from our DJ business. When added to our DJ services, our lighting services are discounted up to 20%.

What type of lights do you use?
We use only the latest in L.E.D. technology. L.E.D. lights give us the ability to reproduce any color in the spectrum. The also never get hot and require very minimal power.

How do we select lighting options and colors?
We strongly encourage an on-site consultation. We will come out to your reception venue to discuss light placement and color. We will bring a few lights with us so you can see exactly what you’re getting.

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